The first multimedia project Simbeeoz will take place in Ufa: Центр современного искусства "Облака"

The first multimedia project Simbeeoz will take place in Ufa

Contemporary Art Centre "Oblaka" is opening a unique multimedia gallery, a cognitive educational project using new ways to represent Ufa citizens the art.


There are several topics included in the Oblaka curators' sphere of interest that after careful researching will be a basis for new multimedia exhibitions in the Centre. Here they are: "Bees in art", " Modern street-art "Holland- Russia", The exhibition-performance: "Jazz,  Ballet and Sur. 100th surrealism anniversary", "The art in the world of computer games".


The fist exhibition in a new gallery is Simbeeoz that will be opened on 19th of April. The exposition will provide more than 20 years of artist's experience from UK, USA, Canada, inspired by the unique structure of bee family, their invaluable input into ecosystem developing and perfect shapes being created by bees. Bees are main characters in their artworks.


Among the authors there are: Lisa Fedon is a sculptor, through the metal connecting art with nature. As well as Pirre Huyghe through the sculpture created for the Museum of Modern Art in New York are touching the problem of need for changing of human's mindset using perfect nature forms, made by peaceful bees. Natasha Kerr is engaged in Victoria&Albert Museum activity and places some of her artworks there. The Benbow bees, her textile tapestry on a walnut baton, was created in response of participation in the Wendy Ramshaw curated exhibition about the plight of the bee. She was inspired after having known deeply interested in bees Steve Benbow and his scrap books. Steve is an urban beekeeper established the London Honey Company who has hives on the top of popular places in London (Tate Gallery, Fortnum and Mason department store).


The exhibition headliners: Ladislav Hanka is a Czech artist who had fled to Germany after the war and  is living in the USA now put bees in charge of refining his artworks. Together they are creating sets of works that are engaged in showing the complexity and diversity of environment and art.  Sara Mapelli controlling the energy of bee families with the help of music, poetry and dance and creating art objects with them.


We explored these authors' artworks not have forgotten the Creativity of Aganetha Dyck. She is a Canadian artist creating symbolic sculptures in collaboration with bees. Her works are mainly made from beeswax. This year she was invited as a showy representative of the art connected with animal world to take part in "Animal Intent' exhibition located in New York's creative space.


Tomas Libertiny, a professional designer and artist born in Slovakia and living in Amsterdam, as a main idea of his work chose the aim of integrating nature with technology. His futuristic vases made from honeycomb and included in Tate Gallery, Museum Brahmans van Beuningen and other museums' collections were represented at the world best exhibition venues.


Christina Vagner creates fantastic comb made from recyclables, Wendy Ramshaw is a famed English jeweler, the curator of the project "The honey bee and the hive", Joanna Veevets, Graine Morton, Sarah Hatton, Mike Bianco, Lauren Bon, Guenaut Florence and the movement "Move to bee", Garnett Puett, Rick Lieder( a photographer) and many others.


This project is initiated and organized by Contemporary Art Centre "Oblaka" under assistance of Trade-Industry Chamber of Bashkortostan Republic and the Fund for Development of City Projects.


The opinion of project organizers:


Valerian Gagin. the director of CCA "Oblaka":


"The authors who take part in our project create their works in different genres. As a result of the work we came to the conclusion that the project Simbeeoz could bring their art together. We welcome you to visit the exhibition, gathered the art of authors from all over the world and united with videoart design, created by our crew. We welcome you not only to have a look at it but to explore and maybe to build together the scientific basis of ApiArt, the art, created in the collaboration of bees and humans."


Azat Fazlyev, the president of Trade-Industry Chamber of RB:


"According to the newest research bees are going extinct because of infected with pesticides pollen. Toxic chemicals and sometimes thoughtless human actions, fabricated in endless chase after quick outcome using any even untested methods, cause harm to every living thing. People with high cultural level are capable of realizing the impact of their activity. they determine the future and healthy generation of people and bees."


Vladimir Barabash, the director of the Fund for Development of City Projects:


"The Figure has very important place in our projects mainly devoted to qualitative improvement in citizens life, it is exact data about processes that help to make truly successful decisions. We are glad to support the project of CCA "Oblaka" crew that unlocks fundamentally new role of the Figure in the sphere of art. This project uses digital technology and multimedia for innovative and relevant way to communicate with the viewer. I think, this project will spur the development of Digital Art projects in our city as well"


The exhibition will be opened on April the 19th.

Working hours from 10:00 to 22:00

Contemporary Art Centre "Oblaka", Bakalinskaya, 3. 299 77 44